Management Team

The commitment to technical excellence and superior customer service was a foundation laid by Chris and MarDell from their first day in business, and that commitment remains unchanged today.

Leadership Team

Bonnie Robinson

Ms. Robinson is currently the President and CEO of CKC Laboratories, Inc. She has worked in EMC compliance services industry for over 30 years. She also grew up in the EMC industry, being the daughter of CKC Laboratories’ co-founders Chris and MarDell Kendall. Bonnie has worked for significant periods of time in multiple departments, including project management, sales, accounting, human resources and test documentation. With a mindset of ever improving customer satisfaction, she has been the driving force behind support automation, the creation of new customer support departments and the launching of two new locations. As part of the CKC senior management team, she is directly involved with planning, strategy and corporate policy-making. With her leadership, CKC has been able to maintain long-term profitability and growth. Ms. Robinson holds a BA from the California State University at Fresno.

Steve Behm

Mr. Behm is currently the Director of Engineering Services with CKC Laboratories. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Davis, and is also a NARTE Certified EMC Engineer. Steve has nearly 30 years of EMC engineering, testing and certification experience. Before becoming CKC’s Director of Engineering, he held lab management positions at CKC in Hillsboro, OR and Fremont, CA. His technical expertise includes EMC/radio testing, agency certifications, technical construction files, and EMC design review. He is an expert in the area of transmitter testing and certifications for US, Canada and Europe. Under Steve’s technical direction, CKC has expanded our services in wireless testing, automotive testing, HIRF testing and indirect lighting effects. Steve is also the Technical Director for CKC Certification Services, a privatized agency for FCC (TCB), Canada (CB), Singapore(CB) and Europe (CB)

Todd Robinson

Mr. Robinson is currently the Director of Administration and Marketing for CKC Laboratories. Todd holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Marketing from Portland State University. Todd has nearly 30 years of experience in the EMC testing and certification business. He is responsible for overseeing all the non-technical functions at CKC including Accounting, Human Resources, Sales/Marketing, Customer Service, and New Facility Launches. Todd’s involvement extends from direct with clients to corporate level management and leadership. He has personally managed hundreds of EMC compliance testing projects. On many certification projects his duties have involved researching and advising customers on the proper application of EMC standards and certification processes. Todd has presented EMC standards and regulatory papers for CKC at venues including: Del Mar Electronics Show, Wescon, Northcon, US Dept. of Commerce and IEEE EMC Society colloquiums.