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    1. Scheduling / Sales:

    Please rate the overall ability of your CKC Service Advisor (Knowledge of standards and test capabilities, flexibility and courtesy).

    2. Engineering Personnel:
    Please rate the technical ability of the CKC engineering personnel (EMC, standards and procedural knowledge).

    3. Personal Appearance and Demeanor:
    Please rate the overall appearance and professionalism of the CKC staff.

    4. Laboratory Facilities:
    Please rate the technical capability of CKC test facilities (equipment availability, laboratory set-up and working ergonomics).

    5. Facility Appearance:
    Please rate the overall appearance and cleanliness of the CKC facility and staff (organization, comfort, professional appearance).

    6. Reports - Content:
    Please rate the technical content, organization and appearance of the test reports you received.

    7. Reports - Service:
    Please rate how responsive our staff was to inquiries regarding your test reports.

    8. Reports - Completion:
    Please rate how quickly your reports were processed after testing was completed.

    9. (Optional) Do you test at EMC laboratories other than CKC Laboratories, Inc?

    Laboratory Name:

    10. If YES, what important features and/or services does the other lab(s) offer that are better than what CKC offers or that are not offered at CKC?

    11. What improvements would you like to see at CKC Laboratories, Inc?
    (test capabilities, technical / regulatory services, other services you would like to have)

    12. Additional Comments related to any of the above questions.