In-Situ EMC Testing

In some cases it is more effective and/or required that EMC/EMI/RF testing performed outside of the laboratory environment.


Known in the EMC testing industry as “in-situ”, testing of this variety requires specialized experience and knowledge. In-situ testing is typically performed on equipment in very large or on equipment with a large number of potential configurations. In-situ testing also includes RF site survey performed as hospitals, power substations, industrial locations and others.

“Have Test Equipment, Will Travel . . .”

Our engineers routinely travel, with our Mobile EMC Test Lab, to “in-situ” test locations in the United States and Canada. We have also performed on site testing in Asia and Europe.

If you have an on-site EMC testing project, please contact sales or submit an online quote request. We look forward to providing you with a cost estimate for services.

RF Site Surveys

As a multitude of electronic devices and RF communications equipment are common in most work and home environments, it is logical to assume that the potential for harmful RF interference exists in these locations. CKC engineers are often called into a variety of locations to determine the potential for interference or to location a specific source of interference. Here is a small sample of site surveys we have worked on:

  • MRI installations in medical facilities
  • Work, residential and leisure environments for pacemaker patients
  • Hotel elevator systems located near roof-top ‘antenna farms.’
  • Utility substations.

On-Site EMC Testing

There are a number of reasons why “in-situ” EMC testing is appropriate for some products. If a product is too large too large or it a product’s operation is impractical to support at a test lab, then “in-situ” testing may be the best choice. Also, on site testing results are an acceptable means of demonstrating conformity, within certain parameters, for European and industry standards.

Products typically tested in-situ by CKC include industrial and manufacturing machines, power conversion equipment, and elevators.