Founder's Story

Chris and MarDell Kendall founded CKC Laboratories in 1973, initially providing EMC design consultation and educational services. In 1980, CKC began testing products at a small open area test site in the Southern California mountain town of Running Springs.  Within a few years, Chris and Mardell moved their family and CKC to a property in Mariposa County California.  Over the next few decades, the Kendall’s business opened and operated numerous sites in California, Oregon and Washington State.

Chris Kendall

Chris was a loving, kind and patient husband, father, friend, employer and colleague. He was always cheerful and positive in the face of any challenge, personal or professional. 


Mr. Kendall’s 41 years of professional experience included EMC work on Military, Avionics and Commercial electronics. He did extensive EMC design on the heads-up displays and other systems for the A-6, A-10, F-111, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, Apache Helicopter, and Comanche Helicopter. Mr. Kendall was an ANSI C63 Subcommittee member, an ANSI medical standards committee member, an EMC consultant to HIMA, an SAE AE-4R Sub-committee chair, a NARTE Senior EMC Engineer and an IEEE EMC Society Distinguished


His lifelong hobby and a source of enjoyment was his chosen career: electromagnetic compatibility. Chris had an outstanding knowledge of EMC principals and an incredibly broad range of practical EMC design experience. He was a gifted teacher, and he took great pleasure in sharing EMC design principles and best practices with others. He always encouraged questions from his employees, students, and customers. Chris was always willing to spend his time generously to assist anyone with a need.


Chris passed from time into eternity on March 1, 2004, in Fresno, CA. Chris had been diagnosed with Mesothelioma in July 2003. He died peacefully of complications caused by the cancer.


MarDell Kendall

MarDell Kendall, was a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, employer and friend who lived her life to the fullest.


In the San Bernadino mountains, she grew up snow skiing and exploring the mountains with her little brothers.  When she was a pre-teen, she was given her own horse named Flika. She was part of the 1st graduating class (1959) of Rim of the World High School.  She attended UC Santa Barbara where she graduated in 1963 with a degree in history.  She and Chris met at an informational lecture at a college campus.  He asked her out for coffee and later offered to mow her lawn. She was won over and became Mrs. MarDell Kendall on May 1st, 1965.


The couple lived in numerous places in California, including Simi Valley, Long Beach, Goleta, Running Springs and Mariposa. They moved to Mariposa in 1981, along with their two daughters.  They lived in the beautiful Sierra Foothills until their deaths.


MarDell and Chris traveled extensively for business and took their daughters along for adventures to Europe and many parts of the USA.  During their many of their travels, MarDell pursued her interest in Genealogy. She traced both her and Chris’ ancestors back to the Mayflower.


Besides history, her other passion was attending all her grandchildren’s sporting events. The local football and baseball teams considered the lady with the floppy hat on a scooter as their good luck charm.


She passed away at the age of 81 on August 11, 2022 with complications from a blood clot.