FCC Issues Significant Update on Modular Approval Policies

It’s been exactly 1 year since the FCC last updated modular approval policies in their detailed guidance KDB 996369.  Among the latest updates to module certification guide includes clarification on module vendor integration guides and certification filing requirements for modules without shields (limited modular approvals).  Unsurprisingly, ISED Canada has also confirmed their policies are indeed identical to those required by the FCC. 

The prior text of the modular approval policies ‘implied’ that modules without shields require class II permissive change application filings to approve additional hosts.  This policy has now been made explicit to avoid unintended confusion of existing policy requirements. 

Frustrations by module integrators have created a growing number of questions to both FCC and ISED. Therefore, the updated policies are cracking down on content requirements for module vendor manuals.  Manufacturers of modules are now under mandatory obligation to provide detailed guidance regarding several issues, including integration, collocation, antenna selection, compliance testing, ID labelling, and RF exposure assessment.

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