Korean EMC Testing and Certification

Korea’s “Electrical Communication Basic Law,” requires EMC testing and certification for many types of electronic products. Korean EMC certifications are issued by National Radio Research Agency (RRA), which is organized under the Korea Communications Commission (KCC).

EMC testing includes electromagnetic interference (EMI) and susceptibility (EMS). Certified equipment is labeled with the KC mark and certification number.

CKC works closely with a Korea certification agent to provide fast, efficient and affordable Korean EMC certifications. Once a testing date is planned, we suggest that the following information be gathered and submitted to CKC.

  1. User’s manual
  2. Block diagram
  3. Submittal Photos
  4. CKC Test Report
  5. Country of Origin

Also needed for Permissive Change Approvals (for additional models and/or countries of origin):

  1. Base model name
  2. Series model names to be added
  3. KC approval number (for addendums)

With this information in hand, CKC and our certification agent can typically provide your Korean certification within one week after the completion of final test reports.

You can request a quote online in one of these categories:

When completing an RFQ form, please indicate Korea as one of the countries/regions that you would like to market your product in.

If you have Korea certification questions or need additional information, please contact our Sales Staff by E-mail or phone.