Environmental and Dynamics Testing (Southern California)

Provided in Partnership with

Environment Associates


CKC Laboratories has partnered with Environment Associates to provide our Military, Aerospace and Automotive clients with environmental testing services.  EA has operations in Chatsworth, California and Santa Ana, California.  These laboratories are equipped with latest in computer-controlled vibration systems, shock simulators, digital data acquisitions systems and microprocessor controlled environmental chambers. Complete facilities are available to conduct aerospace and mil-spec testing: DO-160, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-871, MIL-STD-202.  Additionally, EA also provides highly specialized environmental testing for other applications including medical, automotive, connectors, packaging, HALT/HASS, solar and more.


EA offers a full spectrum of environmental test services including temperature, humidity, altitude, thermal vacuum, shock, vibration, corrosive atmosphere, a DSCC approved connector test lab, hydraulic and pneumatic test capabilities, flow testing, firewall testing and more. Our test lab services also include test procedure development, formal test reports, certification and test fixture modifications and adaptations.


Over the past four decades EA has had the privilege of serving the test needs of literally thousands of industrial and military contractors and subcontractors including Litton, Hughes, Intel Corp., Allied Signal, TRW, Rockwell, Packard Bell, Harman/JBL, Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Ford Motor, Hewlett Packard and Westinghouse (just to name a few). Whether you are a small start-up operation or a large international corporation, EA is dedicated to providing you with personalized service designed specifically to address your company’s test requirements.


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