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The FCC has banned certain equipment, added new US Agent requirements and changed RF Exposure requirements. These changes will affect every manufacturer seeking to market equipment in the US. The world hasn’t yet realized the broad reaching scope the FCC rule changes will have.

Join our 1-hour FREE webinar and be the first to learn all about the new changes and how to handle them!

Date: February 23, 2023

Time: 9 AM – 10 AM PST

Cost: Free!

Recent changes in allowed FCC equipment authorizations

  1. Covered list
  2. Covered equipment
  3. Attestation Statements
  4. Website
  5. What is a subsidiary
  6. What is an affiliate
  7. What happens if my company or equipment is under the covered list?

Recent changes in FCC RF Exposure policies

  1. US Agent for Service of Process
  2. Who can be an Agent?
  3. Does a US company need an agent?

Recent changes in FCC equipment authorization requirements

  1. If FCC table of exposure requirements is the same, then what changed?
  2. Why does EVERYTHING now need an RF exposure assessment?
  3. FCC Portable exemptions
  4. FCC mobile exemptions
  5. Current policy updates

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