Canyon Park Chamber 3

Commercial emissions testing for FCC, IC, CE mark, VCCI, CISPR, AS/NZS, Automotive, MIL-STD 461, and DO-160

Item Specification Comments
Lab Dimensions 36′ long x 20′ wide x 19.5′ high
Lab Door Size 4’ wide x 7’ high
Turntable Diameter 9’ Flush-mounted
Turntable Weight Capacity 4,400 lbs.
Cable length needed for isolation of
UUT support
15’ – to control area
Loading dock accessible Yes
Ramp accessible Yes
Water and compressed air Upon request Notify CKC prior to testing
Single phase power 120VAC @ 60Hz; 20 Amp Max.
208VAC @ 60Hz; 30 Amp Max.
230VAC @ 50Hz; 15 Amp Max.
Three phase power 208VAC @ 60Hz; 30 Amp
208VAC @ 60Hz; 60 Amp
Notify CKC prior to testing
Other Power AC Power Supply
0-300VAC @ 45-5000Hz; 15 Amp Max.
DC Power Supply
0-80DC; 0-30V @ 3A (5ea), 0-40VDC @ 30A (1 ea)
Notify CKC prior to testing