The Instructors

Steve Behm

Steve Behm is currently the Director of Engineering Services with CKC Laboratories, Inc.  Mr. Behm has over 26 years of EMC design, testing, and certification experience.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of California at Davis, and is also a NARTE Certified EMC Engineer. His expertise includes EMC/radio testing, agency certifications, technical construction files, and EMC design review.  He is expert in the area of transmitter testing and certifications for US, Canada and Europe.  Steve is also the Technical Director for CKC Certification Services, a privatized agency for FCC (TCB), Canada (CB), Singapore(CB) and Europe (CB).

Randy Clark

Randy Clark sparked off a career in EMC after obtaining a BS in Physics from UC Santa Cruz and then later completed an MS in Physics from California State University of Fresno. Now over 15 years in the field of EMC, he is a specialist in Wireless testing and Radio Equipment approvals. Randy has broad experience with standards research, quality assurance, accreditation, and measurement uncertainties. Randy additionally manages a product certification body, CKC Certification Services, LLC., and works closely with manufacturers to ensure compliance with requirements of the Federal Communications Commission, Industry Canada and the European Union’s EMC and R&TTE Directives.

Don Jones

Don is a US NAVY veteran (1976 – 1982), he was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island, WA and assigned to an EA-6B squadron (VAQ-130) maintaining the onboard Electronic Warfare System.  Upon discharge from the NAVY, Don enrolled in college using his Vietnam-era GI Bill.

From 1983 to 1998 Don was employed with Crane Aerospace, while there, Don was first exposed to MIL/AEROSPACE EMC compliance testing. He was told (asked), “you’re a ham (radio operator), and you know RF from your time in the NAVY – would you fix this problem for us?” Don’s good reputation continued to grow from there.

In 1998 Don was recruited to join the staff of CKC Laboratories at their newly launched EMC test lab located in Redmond, WA. Don’s assignment was to launch CKC’s venture into MIL/AEROSPACE EMC compliance testing in the Pacific Northwest. With Don’s hard work and dedication to CKC’s client base, this laboratory has seen meteoric success.

Don has been quoted saying, “at the end of the day, our clients are glad to get out of the lab so they can come up for air.” With a smile, Don adds, “They always come back for more.”

46 years later, Don is still at it, leading CKC’s Bothell, WA EMC Test Lab

Rory Briski

Rory Briski is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in management and consulting and brings a wealth of international expertise with key leadership roles in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Engineering and Executive Management. Throughout the course of his distinguished career he has successfully managed and assisted in numerous FAA STC certification projects. Additionally, he has participated in numerous aerospace industry standards setting committees as well as lent his expertise to various governmental agencies (both foreign and domestic).
Over the years, his expertise has been honored with remarkable and notable accolades, including letters of appreciation from the Singapore Institute of Aerospace Engineers, Gulfstream Aerospace Company and the Commander Medium Attack Tactical Electronic Warfare Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet. He is also an inventor with three issued US Patents for airborne electrical systems and equipment, and has other patents pending. Rory is currently the Founder and Principal of Briski Consulting, LLC.

Darryl P. Ray

Mr. Ray is the founder and Principal Consultant for Darryl Ray EMC Consulting, LLC. He has more than 35 years EMC experience working in the medical device, ITE and defense industries. Mr. Ray received a Bachelor’s of Engineering Technology degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He has performed EMC engineering on well over 100 products and has built 8 EMC complete EMC labs from scratch including several 10 meter semi-anechoic chambers. Darryl has authored several papers for past IEEE EMC symposiums. He is an iNarte Certified Master EMC Design Engineer. Mr. Ray is a Senior Member of the IEEE and former chair of the IEEE Santa Clara Valley EMC chapter. Darryl is an active member of IEC Technical Committee 62A, Maintenance Team 23 pertaining to the development of IEC 60601-1-2 and also a member of the US national committees for CISPR 11, 22, 24, 32 and 35.

Pat Andre

Mr. André has worked as an EMC Engineer for 22 years, specializing in aerospace EMC testing, test techniques, and design. Pat received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Seattle University in 1982 and completed postgraduate work in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, 1984-85. He is currently the Principal of André Consulting, Incorporated.

Steve Jensen

In his 36 years of engineering experience, Steve Jensen has been involved in EMC and RF design on hundreds of projects. His expertise covers all manner of applications including Military, Avionics, Commercial, Medical and Communications. Mr. Jensen holds a B.S.E. from UCLA (’63) and has specific, in-depth experience in Military EMC certification, filter design, circuit design and EMC testing. His past and present EMC consulting projects include the F-16, F-22, F-35, AMRAM missile, Comanche helicopter, Longbow helicopter, Airbus A380, Boeing 777 and Boeing 7E7. Steve is also an accomplished technical lecturer who has presented many seminars dealing with EMC design and certification. Since 1978, Mr. Jensen has been President and Principal Consultant for Steve Jensen Consultants, Inc., an independent EMC design consulting firm dedicated to engineering consulting services in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Lightning protection.




Ed Nakauchi

Mr. Ed Nakauchi has a BSEE and MSEE from Northrop University and Columbia Pacific University. He has over thirty years of experience with analog, power, and digital design. For the past twenty years, he has spent a majority of his time working in the EMI/EMC/EMP and ESD areas for military/aerospace companies and commercial audio/computer/medical companies. He has written numerous technical papers and magazine articles as well as presented seminars on EMI/EMC/EMP/ESD topics for many companies. He has taught EMI and electrical engineering courses through the University of California Irvine Extension program.


Mr. Nakauchi was the primary author of a shielding design guideline for the Army and was an EMI consultant to the Air Force’s Space and Missile Command on their COTS program. Ed has also worked on several unique RF projects including the CASSPER system, an innovative, correlation spectrum analyzer. His past projects involvement includes the Space Shuttle, Global Positioning Satellites, Splash Mountain & Rocket Rod rides for Disneyland, submarines, and the B-2 Bomber. Most recently, he worked for Instrument Specialties/Laird Technologies as a principal scientist. Mr. Nakauchi is a NARTE Certified EMC/ESD Engineer with senior membership in the IEEE. Mr. Nakauchi has recently published a book titled “Testing for EMC Compliance: Approaches and Techniques”. He currently works as an independent consultant, specializing in EMC, high-frequency design and ESD.






Hebberly Ahatlan

Mr. Ahatlan has over five years of background in both analog IC and digital system product development, and has successfully solved a wide variety of EMI and EMC issues. He will introduce you to the world of EMC and will share his experience on how to fix conductive and radiated noise issues. His approach is well suited for both beginner engi¬neers and veterans of the industry who want to reduce time debugging boards and get products to market on time.