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    Signal Protocol:
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    Output Power Information

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    Sector (gain: )
    Horn (gain: )
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    Chip Antenna (gain: )
    Other (Type & Gain: )
    If antenna is a loop style, please indicate the loop size.
    Does the unit have a separate receiver port? YesNo
    Where is the antenna mounted? On the deviceOn an outdoor structureIndoors
    If the antenna is mounted on the device, is the antenna : IntegralExternal
    If the antenna is integral, is it possible to remove the antenna? YesNo
    If the antenna is removable, what type of connector is used? Reverse BNCReverse SMAOther Specify:
    NOTE: Please provide adapter, if necessary, to connect to either N, BNC, or SMA type connectors.

    Power Supply Information

    Type of Power:
    Single Phase
    Three Phase
    AC/DC Power Supply:

    Additional power options or Accessories:
    Vehicle Adapter
    Battery Charger
    Battery backup

    Type of Battery:

    Solar Power
    AC Power Adapter

    Current Draw in Amps:

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