Pat Andre

Mr. André has worked as an EMC Engineer for 22 years, specializing in aerospace EMC testing, test techniques, and design. Pat received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Seattle University in 1982 and completed postgraduate work in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington, 1984-85. He is currently the Principal of André Consulting, […]

Steve Jensen

In his 36 years of engineering experience, Steve Jensen has been involved in EMC and RF design on hundreds of projects. His expertise covers all manner of applications including Military, Avionics, Commercial, Medical and Communications. Mr. Jensen holds a B.S.E. from UCLA (’63) and has specific, in-depth experience in Military EMC certification, filter design, circuit […]

Ed Nakauchi

Mr. Ed Nakauchi has a BSEE and MSEE from Northrop University and Columbia Pacific University. He has over thirty years of experience with analog, power, and digital design. For the past twenty years, he has spent a majority of his time working in the EMI/EMC/EMP and ESD areas for military/aerospace companies and commercial audio/computer/medical companies. […]

Hebberly Ahatlan

Mr. Ahatlan has over five years of background in both analog IC and digital system product development, and has successfully solved a wide variety of EMI and EMC issues. He will introduce you to the world of EMC and will share his experience on how to fix conductive and radiated noise issues. His approach is […]

EMC Essentials Seminar

A 1 Day Course with Hebberly Ahatlan of Wurth Electronics and Randy Clark of CKC Laboratories Instructor Register Section 1: EMC Components and Current EMI Issues on New Technologies Components for surge protection Introduction to varistors Typical varistors applications Filtering with Common mode chokes and CMCs Introduction to CMCs and Caps How to use both […]

DO-160 EMC Testing

Avionics and Aerospace EMC Testing To be successful in avionics/aerospace EMC testing, CKC is committed to three things. First, we have invested and continue to invest in state of the art susceptibility and emissions test equipment. Second, we have hired, trained and retained a highly competent engineering staff, experienced in the intricacies of avionics EMC […]

PCB Design for EMI Control

A 1 Day Course with Ed Nakauchi Instructor Bio    Register Course Outline This course will teach the fundamentals of proper component placement, trace routing, and other constructional details to obtain board-level electromagnetic compatibility. These rules and guidelines will not only help in complying with EMC requirements, but will also improve signal quality. Introduction & Overview EMC […]

Recent Advances in EMI Control and Mitigation Techniques

A 1 Day Course with Ed Nakauchi Instructor Bio    Register Course Description: This presentation will discuss the latest advances made in controlling EMI and improving signal integrity. With operating frequencies increasing, the world of EMI and Signal integrity often find themselves merging together. Techniques that affect one can affect the other. These higher frequencies demand that […]

EMC Compliance for Medical Devices

✔ New EMC testing standards and the impact on your compliance. ✔ Design for compliance techniques to help you meet the new challenges. A 1 Day Course with Darryl P. Ray Instructor Bio    Register Course Description The fourth edition of IEC 60601-1-2 has been approved, and this means dramatic changes for the medical device industry. […]

June 15, 2015

CKC is pleased to announce the acquisition of 4 compliant power meters for performing EN 300328 (v1.8.1 – v1.9.1) and EN 301 893. Our Brea, Canyon Park, Fremont and Mariposa offices have each been assigned an EMPower™ Model 7002-006 Power Meter. When needed, these meters will all be sent to one location, allowing us to […]