Recent Advances in EMI Control and Mitigation Techniques

A 1 Day Course with Ed Nakauchi

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Course Description:

This presentation will discuss the latest advances made in controlling EMI and improving signal integrity. With operating frequencies increasing, the world of EMI and Signal integrity often find themselves merging together. Techniques that affect one
can affect the other. These higher frequencies demand that new approaches must be considered in layout techniques, components and tools used for solving EMI and signal integrity problems to take into account higher frequency effects.

The second half of this presentation will discuss techniques useful in performing EMI/EMC mitigation that can be done on the bench. Conducted and radiated emissions will be discussed. Conducted and radiated immunity/susceptibility techniques will also
be discussed.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved with design, development and/or certification of commercial, medical, industrial, avionics, wireless or military electronics products.

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