EMC Essentials Seminar

A 1 Day Course with Hebberly Ahatlan of Wurth Electronics and Randy Clark of CKC Laboratories Instructor


Section 1: EMC Components and Current EMI Issues on New Technologies

Components for surge protection

  • Introduction to varistors
  • Typical varistors applications

Filtering with Common mode chokes and CMCs

  • Introduction to CMCs and Caps
  • How to use both components for filtering

Wireless charging EMI issues

  • What to expect of Qi and WPC design in the world EMI

Inductors as differential filters

  • How to use correctly inductors as differential filters

Section 2: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Laboratory Experience

Fundamental concepts

  • Signal spectra
  • EMC physics
  • Source/coupling path/victim
  • Interference mechanisms

Trouble-shooting Ideas / Fixes

  • Keep the fundamentals in mind
  • The invisible schematic
  • Designing in” compliance vs. after-the-fact fixes
  • A couple of short “case studies”

Common EMC tests – an explanation of each

  • Emissions (RE/CE)
  • Immunity (RI/CI, ESD, surge, etc.)
  • What does it mean to “pass”?

The lab experience – successful EMC testing

  • What to expect from a test lab
  • What to bring to the lab for testing
  • Host equipment
  • Support equipment
  • Software
  • Product documentation, etc.
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Who Should Attend:

Anyone involved with design, development and/or certification testing of commercial, medical, industrial, avionics, wireless or military electronics products.